Verses and Flow

Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show that features spoken word and music talent, engineered by Lexus.


Carvens Lissaint
"Beauty Part 3"

And when I was in the 5th grade
I wrote a suicide note…
It was the first time someone believed in my writing
In the 4th grade
My valentine said I couldn’t be seen with her
Because my classmates would actually think she liked me
In the 3rd grade I ate lunch by myself EVERYDAY
In the 2nd grade
A 5th grader punched me in the mouth at the end of recess
Knocked two of my teeth to the pavement
I laid crying on the ground blood spilling down my lips for 15 minutes before anyone asked if I was okay
In the first grade
A white girl at snack time told me my skin looked like I never took a shower
She’s never seen something so BLACK
In kindergarten I was the only student who stood awake during nap time
Feeling alone isn’t foreign to me


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