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Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show that features spoken word and music talent, engineered by Lexus.


Getting to Know Eric Benét …

Who Is He?
We know Eric Benét is an amazing singer… husband… father…. But he has added Music Executive to his resume by launching his own record label Jordan House Records/EMI and released his sixth album The One.
Why Is He Relevant?
Eric is relevant because at a time when many record labels have shut down and many artists don’t get the opportunity to release a second single, let alone album, he is succeeding at creating his own destiny! Eric is making decisions about his career and the future of the music his fans get to hear.
How Does He Inspire Us?
We are inspired by Eric because he is willingly sharing the  “positive transition”  and “new beginnings” in his life through the lyrics in his music.
One Fun Fact….
Eric was in two groups, Gerard and Benét prior to becoming a successful solo artist.
To learn more, log onto …………………
Find Eric Benet at:    @ebenet


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