Verses and Flow

Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show that features spoken word and music talent, engineered by Lexus.


Getting To Know Tamia …

Who Is She?

Aside from being a wife and mother, the Grammy nominated songstress has one of the most beautiful, distinctive voices to ever come through a speaker.

Why Is She Relevant?

Tamia’s relevance lies in her music. Tamia has a sound that transcends decades because her music speaks to every generation. The sound of Tamia’s voice is not trendy, faddish and doesn’t fit into a box. She makes quality music.

How Does She Inspire Us?

She is an inspiration, because she has taken her career into her own hands. Tamia created a record label so that she could be involved in every aspect of her music career. Aside from making the  music she wants (for our enjoyment) , she is at a point where she is fulfilled as well.

One Fun Fact….

Tamia says that she’s “always going to be that little six year old singing into her brush.”

To learn more, log onto …………………

Find Tamia at:           @realtamiaworld                                           


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