Verses and Flow

Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show that features spoken word and music talent, engineered by Lexus.


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Deonte Scott- The Third Time’s a Charm!

Deonte is a prime example of persistence and try.. try again! This resident of Houston tried multiple times and made it to the Verses and Flow because he doesn’t run from a challenge! This Sunday, Deonte performs his poem “Run” on Season Four and we guarantee you won’t want to until it is over!!

Here’s a couple of fun facts we learned about Deonte:

Favorite Word: The Struggle (it’s real)

Least Favorite Word:  Failure

Words You Use To Inspire Others:  “Stay safe.”

Be sure to tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10:30/9:30C to watch Deonte’s performance! Catch the full interview with him on Sunday at

Tonya Ingram - You’ll Want Her Advice!

Tonya Ingram has been there and done that, so when she offers you “Unsolicited Advice” via her Verses and Flow performance, take note. 

We chatted with the Cincinnati native, Bronx bred, NYU alumna and hopeful Los Angeles flower-child (her words) on set…. Here are some of the random things we learned about her:

Favorite Word: Ocean

Least Favorite Word: Can’t

Words You Use To Inspire Others: “You are worthy of love.” (we told you you’d want her advice)

Be sure to tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10:30/9:30C to watch Tonya’s performance! Catch the full interview with her this Sunday at

Michael “Chief” Peterson - He’s In Charge!

Michael “Chief” Peterson is not shy about commanding your attention. This New Britain, High School Dean of Students immediately commanded our attention landing himself a spot on the Season Four roster. Chief the Poet kept it simple with us before he wowed the crowd with his touching poem entitled “Nahla.”

See what he had to say…….

Favorite Word: Word

Least Favorite Word: Shut Up (that’s two but who’s counting)

Words You Use To Inspire Others: “Be determined to succeed at whatever it is you desire.”

Be sure to tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10:30/9:30C to watch Chief’s performance! Catch the full interview with him on Sunday at

Rage Almighty - All the Rage!

imageRage Almighty will take you through many emotions when he performs “If I Ever Had a Son.” Before the audience hopped on that roller coaster, and was wowed by Rage, he shared some of his favorite words with us… and as we know, it is all about the words!

Favorite Word: Women

Least Favorite Word: Jail

Words You Use to Inspire Others: You’re Welcome! 

Be sure to tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10/9C to see Rage Almighty’s inspiring performance! And catch the full interview with him on Sunday at

Rob Gibsun - A Multi-Faceted Man of Many Names

imageRob Gibsun…. Robalu…. Rob….. is a multidisciplinary artist! He Is a poet, a speaker, a slam champion, and has created portraits for other extremely talented individuals.

Before Rob blessed the audience with his performance of Paris, he sat down with us to share some of his favorite things!

Favorite Word: Nahuatl (follow him to find out)

Least Favorite Word: Catheter (we didn’t ask)

Words You Use to Inspire Others: Every morning is a new opportunity to rise to the occasion” 

Tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10/9C to watch Rob’s performance! And catch the full interview with Rob on Sunday at

Ramya Ramana - A Day in the Life of a Laureate!

Ramya Ramana is a very busy young lady! With school and being the youth poet laureate, as well as traveling and performing, we enjoyed being able to sit down and chat with her before she stepped onto the Lexus Verses and Flow stage.

Here’s a couple of fun facts to get to know the lady behind the profound words:

Favorite Word: Mangoes (not random at all, and she said it with a smile)

Least Favorite Word: Rambunctious (hmmm)

Words You Use to Inspire Others: GOD (speaks 100% to who she is)

Be sure to tune in this Saturday to TV One at 10/9C to watch Ramya’s performance! And catch the full interview with Ramya on Sunday at


This weekend’s episode of Lexus Verses and Flow was dedicated to the late, great poet/author/activist Dr. Maya Angelou, and placed the spotlight on a quartet of poets whose messages reminded us to, like Dr. Angelou, live life on purpose. The poets—Treesje Powers & Rudy Francisco, Breeze “I Life This” The Poet, and Joe P., shared the stage with special musical guest Johnny Gill, who serenaded the crowd during multiple performances.

Powers and Francisco, both Verses and Flow alumni, opened the show with their poem “Complainers,” dedicated to everyone who thinks life has dealt them a bad hand. After running down a list of instances where people suffered tragedies, including the loss of a hand, the duo also shared the victims’ mantra: “Hey. It could’ve been worse.” Right. And followed that up with this: “The world is full of people whose lives are defined by what tried to destroy them.“ But it didn’t. And you’re still alive. So stop complaining.

Breeze “I Life This” The Poet, straight out of Richmond, Virginia and out of his shoes, took the stage and let us know, straight up, that he tends to “break things.” That poem, detailing his failed history with love, revealed that Breeze goes hard. “I love like bald tires, black ice, crash inevitable…” He also realized that it might not get better, but he won’t stop trying. “I know how this ends,” he acknowledged, “my kind of love has always been an accident waiting to happen… but to have it, I break things. Especially myself.”

Joe P., from Houston, Texas, used his poem “What’s Your Purpose?”to let everyone listening know what his is. “You see I’m on a mission,” he started, “and I feel like time is ticking… I will bless people all across the country with hope, motivation, and the ability to utilize art to be free, and I will preach this poetry until I can’t speak no more.”

Gill, known in recent years for his collaborative work with the star-studded groups New Edition and LSG, reminded everyone that his solo work is just as extraordinary. He gave the audience a taste of his new music with “It Would Be You,” and his performance of the classic hit “My, My, My” was literally a showstopper.

What did you think of the fourth season’s second episode? Did you share your thoughts on #IAmGrateful or #WhatsYourPurpose? If not, please do so now on social media along with the hashtag #VersesandFlow. 

From VA to LA- Breeze “ILifeThis” The Poet is Comfy on Stage!


The poet they call Breeze took no time making himself at home on the Verses and Flow stage (tune in to see why) as he welcomed the audience into his world. No judgement, but sometimes he Breaks Things.

Get a quick, personal look at some of the words that matter to Breeze “ILifeThis” the Poet before he performs, then tune in to see his performance this Saturday at 10/9C on TV One! You don’t want to miss it!

Favorite Word: LIFE

Least Favorite Word: HATE

Words You Use to Inspire Others: LOVE ANYWAY!

Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before? - Treesje Powers & Rudy Francisco


Both Treesje and Rudy have graced the Verses and Flow stage in previous seasons. This time, they return as a dynamic duo! Before Treesje and Rudy told us about how they feel about complainers….. they shared their love of words.

Take a look…… then be sure to catch their performance Saturday at 10PM EST on TV One for more!


Favorite Poem: “Wouldn’t Take Nothing From My Journey Now”- Maya Angelou

Words Used to Inspire Others: Give it to God and Everything Will Be Alright!


Favorite Poem: “Cause He’s Black”- Javon Johnson 

Words Used to Inspire Others: Be Yourself… You’re enough!

From Houston to Los Angeles - Joe P.

Poet/Actor Joe P. is no stranger to the stage. Before he gave our stage a whirl, we asked the wordsmith about his relationship with certain words……….

Take a look, then tune in to catch his performance this Saturday, on TV One at 10PM EST.!

Favorite Word: Poetry

Least Favorite Word: Flabbergasted

Words You Use to Inspire Others: Be who you are. No One can be you better than you.

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